You might say that it is impossible to eat healthy while traveling. Moreover, you have to act according to the situation and budget in a foreign land. Add several restrictions on carrying loads of food and spices on aircraft. While you travel, you really cannot follow your routine. Additionally, you cannot even plan your meals.

Eating healthy has a different connotation for different people. You may not be able to eat according to your diet plan, back home, at least you can make an effort. But indulgences will always be there. Therefore, we decided to balance it out for you.

Here are some tips for eating healthy while traveling.

Eat at Your Accommodation

The last few packets of your packed food may be on their way out after a day of intense travel, so you might have to rely on unhealthy and oily food at the hotel. Here is the catch. Do not book a five-star or a seven-star property. With loads of guests around, it may not be possible for the management to churn out healthy options for you only.

Book a homestay or a service apartment instead. Most homestays have owners cooking the meals, so you can expect them to cook something that they eat daily. It should be less indulgent than you would get at a restaurant or cafe. Additionally, you get kitchens in service apartments.

Make your own meals there. There should be some supplies left in the fridge for you. You can cook up a healthy meal there. If you plan to stay at the same place for a week, you can even shop for your own groceries from the supermarket. Farmer’s markets are an excellent option for a day out and shopping. Thus, get some fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, and cheese. They will come in handy.

Book a Small Cruise

The next best option on this list is to get a BBQ boat for rent. BBQ boats have a grill or open oven that you can use to cook up a storm. There are plenty of other activities you can engage in, including fishing, angling, swimming, and snorkeling. You can eat a delectable spread of seafood while on the trip.

Fish is good for your stomach and much better than hamburgers and tacos that you munch on the go. The high heat cooks fast and locks the flavors in. Thus, you get the authentic flavor of the dish. Prawns and lobsters also satiate your hunger for palatable yet healthy food options.

Another great benefit that you get is to travel different cities and towns, in a single trip. Your vessel might even make a stop at these places. Some cruises even have performances to make your evenings more enjoyable. That’s so many benefits in one go, and at the same price.

Stay Hydrated

If you are engaging in trekking or hiking, there are high chances that you may confuse your thirst with hunger. Thus, carry a lot of water with you. If you feel full, you won’t feel the desire to snack. Moreover, staying hydrated will also keep your energy levels high. If you cannot carry multiple bottles of water, don’t sulk.

There are plenty of other ways to stay hydrated. You can carry some potassium-rich food like bananas and coconuts with you. You can eat the sweet flesh and drink the water of the latter. Chia seeds are another great option. They are great water absorbers. You will be amazed to know that they can absorb nine to 12 times their weight of water. Ensure to carry some cucumbers and pineapples, as they are loaded with water and nutrients.

Go for Healthy Street Food

You will surely come across healthy street food no matter where you travel. We decided to shortlist a few for you. Ceviche is prevalent seafood that you can find in South America. It’s nothing but tasty raw fish cooked with citrus juices. You will find them being served with lime and coriander leaves.

Moreover, you can find it all over the world. You can gorge on an acai smoothie bowl, which is popular in Rio. It consists of fruits mixed with crushed granola bars and sugary syrup. Additionally, some food vendors also serve with some unsweetened chocolate sauce.

The dish has acai that is loaded with antioxidants. Hot and spicy somtom is another dish famous in South Asian countries. The dish has all the tastes you love, from sweet, sour, bitter to tangy. Shredded raw papaya, eggplants, tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, and many spices take the experience to a different level altogether.

Pack Some Snacks

Yes, you have to do this, at least pack something that can last on your trip. Fruits, nuts, sunflower seeds, granola bars, cheese, and savories are great for short trips. For longer ones, you need to buy again from the stores.

With these tips, eating healthy will not be that tough for you anymore. This list may not be exhaustive, but the ideas are worth it. Try them out on your next trip.

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